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Costs of the building works

Any house improvements such as a new bathroom installation, old kitchen remodeling, roof repairing, walls decoration, changing flooring etc., requires the money investment, therefore more often finances are the most important factor. All that you are planning to do in your house should be affordable and within the your pocket

Costs of the building works


If you have an idea of how to re-design your dwelling, but the budget is not enough to materialize it, the idea would remain just your dream.


For successful completion of the building project it is important to plan the costs of the building works.


When planning to conduct large-scale building works in your house a professional estimator would be able to calculate your future expenditures, how even if you plan to demolish a few bearing walls the estimator would need the results of a structural engineer survey.


Costs of minor house repairing works can be quite easy calculated even without special knowledge or education but with help of a calculator and a building materials catalogue.


As a result of comparison and discussion of various options you need to determine the amount you can spend. Note that this amount is usually somewhat less than what you actually would spend on planned activities. Your natural desire to stay within the budget would encourage you to find the way of how to save. But how to do it properly, so as not to make significant changes to the building project and do not reduce the quality of work?


The simplest and most sensible way - to phase the house renovation works. Most important, time-consuming works should take place at the first stage, and all the others defer to a later time, when you save enough to afford the further renovation works.


As you know, the costs of a house renovation works depend to a large extent on the complexity of changes. If you find a way to simplify certain works, it will save substantially. You do not have to abandon the planned changes, you would need to consult with professional builders and identify ways to reduce the costs.


Typically, the standard way of the house renovation works, standard sets of equipment are less expensive than the bespoke individually tailored in accordance with your design drawings. For example, installation of an ordinary window assembly with a wooden frame and hinged frames will cost you much cheaper than windows of an unusual shape (roof, round, French, etc.). The building of a simple stud wall will cost less than the construction of curved, with niches or openings or built in shelves.


Standard project has several advantages:

It is simpler and cheaper. Besides it would not be necessary to employ designers, structural engineers, surveyors etc. Also, some non-standard projects may require your local council building control department permits as well as special equipment and tools.


Do not skimp on quality materials, the professional builders; beware of this method of savings, since it is false. Beware of over-evaluation of your professional qualities and capabilities. Sometimes better to hire a specialist, than to spend twice as much time doing the same amount of work. Rectifying unprofessionally done renovating works would involve the additional funds.


Cost of building materials

The cost of building materials is a significant part of the building project expenditures. It is possible to save some money even here. Keep in mind that the same building materials may cost differently at the different suppliers. However that should be done thoughtfully, consulting with the professionals.


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