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London builders: bathroom microclimate and placement. Part one.

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At the times of Ancient Chinese civilization, Great Rome Empire and Egyptian Pharaohs, availability of a separate bathroom was the sign of wealth and grandeur, high social position and common courtesy. Ancient bathrooms were certainly much different from the modern ones; they looked like huge halls, decorated with valuable materials: golden marble, precious stones, silk and satin, fine wood. In addition, those bathrooms were very light. Princesses and members of royal families spent plenty of time for bathing. Rose petals, various essential oils, olive oil were added to the bath for their toning and soothing effects on the organism, as well as for skin softening and moistening. The ritual of taking a bath was different across the countries, but it was always paid special attention to.


In modern life, a bathroom and a toilet remain the most important places of the flat, where we take care of ourselves and observe the procedures of personal hygiene. According to statistical data, a person spends more than an hour in the bathroom and toilet each day. That is why a bathroom should be pleasant looking and have a soothing effect. In the evening, after a long intensive working day, it is so pleasant to take a refreshing shower, to luxuriate in the bath, relax, cheer up and refresh.


For comfort of a bathroom and a toilet, such factors as microclimate, absence of high dampness and dead air, are very important. New bathroom installation demands to pay special attention to ventilation, towel heater, which dries not only clothes, as well as bathroom air. For better heat exchange it is recommended to make the floor in the bathroom warm. Otherwise, there may appear blue stain fungus, mould, odor nuisance, dampness, rust, and condensate on the pipes in your bathroom.


It is important to think about location of furniture, equipment and accessories in a small bathroom. Sometimes it is enough to turn the bath tub to the other wall, to place the closet basin diagonally in the corner, to replace a bath tub with a corner shower cubicle, to install a towel heater to the free wall, to remove a non-structural partition between the bathroom and the toilet to create an additional active area and improve the bathroom design.


Having chosen the layout, think about the color tone of the new bathroom. Remember, that light walls and white or mirror ceiling increase the space optically, and the dark ones decrease it. From our point of view, it is better to choose mat surface decoration materials, as sparkling glossy surfaces unconsciously irritate the eyes, and the bathroom should have the contrary effect.


To increase the ceiling height optically, it is necessary to tile the walls as follows: to place darker tile to about 80cm - 90cm from the floor level with light colored tile above it (to the ceiling). For smooth transition from the dark color to the light one, it is advisable to use the decorative border, containing similar color tones and tinges.


For the floor area increase, it is recommended to tile it diagonally, not parallel to the walls. Try to choose the color of the floor tile similar to that on the lower part of the walls, or a bit darker. If you have a toilet separate from the bathroom, you may choose the tile of different colors for the toilet and the bathroom. This will add to the variety and make the premises independent from each other. For perception of the bathroom unit as a single space, it can be tiled with the same colored tiles.


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