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Bathroom space.

Builders Town London team


A large bathroom with a huge window overlooking a terrace with Japanese garden of stones for the majority of us is still an unreal dream. And in severe city conditions even a relatively large bathroom never appears spacious enough to realize all of our projects.


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So "A kingdom is too small", as the well-known stepmother from a fairy-tale "Cinderella" told. What if we try to solve a problem using internal space? If there is absolutely nowhere to take square meters from, then it is possible to try to get them virtually, simply creating their visibility.


Development of modern systems of installation allows placing all of the items of sanitary equipment not on their usual places, but where we need, that will allow getting if not meters, then at least a few tens of centimeters. A winning solution is having not only corner bath, shower cabin, but sink and toilet as well. If it is possible, try to place a bath or shower cabin fully or partly in a niche. After that you should pay attention to bathroom equipment. For a small bathroom it is possible to choose the specially developed programs, mini bathroom equipment, occupying less space. There is a special doll's house effect, when everything seems larger relative to the diminished objects.


Leave the walls free from huge elements, only light glass, metal, rarely wooden shelves can be used. You should not misuse too much accessories. It was considered for a long time, that ceramics of large size was preferable for small space. Nevertheless, it was proved, that mosaic makes small room visually larger. An interesting idea is to use stained-glass windows usually fitted in not too deep built-in niches and illuminated. Then it seems that there is not a blank wall, but a window to a unique, even magic world there.


The most simple and accessible method to move apart the scopes of the reserved space is considered to be a mirror. It optically increases it exactly twice, because it reflects the size of a room. And the smaller is the bathroom, the larger should be the mirror. Mirrors can be not only on their traditional places above a sink, where they, certainly, play an important role, but also everywhere on the walls, even replacing them, if it does not cause negative emotions for owners. And what if there is a desire to luxuriate in foam bath, not feeling weight of a ceiling?.. Well there are some other ways for this purpose, including multilevel false ceilings with special illumination, stained-glass ceiling, with a view of star sky or something else pleasant to look at...


Trying to extend the space around us at least visually, we are trying to compensate what we miss in real life. Sometimes it is successfully and sometimes not. Until a large bathroom with a huge window overlooking Japanese garden, finally, becomes a reality.


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