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London Builders: New Bathroom Design Tips

Just as a theatre begins with the cloakroom, so the morning starts with a bathroom. It is where you begin your day by performing the morning ritual and put yourself in a tune for the day. Just one annoying trifle, one faint irritation may spoil the whole day.

Loft as a Living Space

You always want to make your home unique, not like others. In the search of individual living spaces, many of us remodel their houses, whilst others seek out tested solutions. In this context, a loft turns out the most exceptional type of urban housing, since every project is unique and adjustable to the needs of its dwellers.

London builders: bathroom installation ideas

The architects and engineers tended to apply functional approach and use minimum space for such vital elements of a house or an apartment as a bathroom. The result was 4-6 square meters bathrooms and mostly without any windows serving as some kind of passage between sleep and wake.

London builders: how to choose?

In this article we would like to discuss the first important steps allowing you to make an informed decision with regard to choosing the right builders for your project.

Costs of the building works

Any house improvements such as a new bathroom installation, old kitchen remodeling, roof repairing, walls re-decoration, changing flooring etc., requires the money investment, therefore more often finances are the most important factor.

The Decoration of the large bathroom

How are we going to decorate a large and spacious bathroom, in attempt to make it something of a masterpiece? In modern houses, the bathroom is more and more frequently becoming something more than a place to wash - it's becoming an actual room, as much a part of the house as a bedroom or a living room.

Kitchen installation labyrinth

Considering house renovation works following a concept design, be ready to spend a little bit extra on the new kitchen installation.

Your bathroom installation and design

If you have decided to start solid works in your bathroom, the question of picking a modern, comfortable style that will suite the space. Normally in cases like these, when planning you must consider everything from colours, shape styles to materials and taking into account how the pipes are to be set out

Bathroom installation - key moments

Repairing a bathroom is not easy. Even the slightest cracks may damage waterproofing finish which will result in dampness, scandals with your neighbours and other unpleasant events.

Bathroom installation and bathroom renovation works.

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in any flat. That it is why it's interior quite often requires repairs. However, bathroom renovation works are not cheap, especially if you are going to involve skilled bathroom installation professionals.



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