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Bathroom sink


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Bathroom sink:


how to choose a bathroom sink.

Drop-in sinks fit into a vanity or countertop & offer the most simple installation. They also maintain undercounter storage space.


Pedestal sinks feature sophisticated styling & large bowl areas. Many can enlarge a room visually & create a luxurious setting. Others, in petite sizes, can be the perfect solution to a small area where space is at a premium. A pedestal sink doesn't allow for undercounter storage, so check for adequate closet space or consider adding shelves.


Undercounter sinks create a clean, distinctive look. Because there is no rim or "lip" above the counter to catch soap & debris, they are the easiest to cleanup. The faucet is mounted directly to the countertop in undercounter sink installations, creating an opportunity for unique & creative faucet placement.


Other considerations:



Check the exact dimensions of the location for the new sink. Will your new sink fit into an existing cutout?



What type of faucet will you choose? Faucets come in all shapes & styles. Don't put a tiny faucet on a big, bold sink & vice-versa. Finally, make sure the sink you take home has the correct hole punchings for your faucets, usually 4" or 8".



There are a wide range of sink choices, from contemporary to traditional, in an array of colors. Consider choosing a design-matched toilet & a tub or whirlpool coordinate w/a new sink.


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