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London builders: bathroom installation ideas

The architects and engineers tended to apply functional approach and use minimum space for such vital elements of a house or an apartment as a bathroom. The result was 4-6 square meters bathrooms and mostly without any windows serving as some kind of passage between sleep and wake.


bathroom installation ideas

At present, home and business lives are becoming more intersected: office email checked by you at home, use of banking services and online shopping. On the other hand, the cult of body is reigning - aspiration for relaxation, rest and health promotion here and now, in other words, active rest and healthy lifestyle. Correspondingly, the bathroom's place is also changing. A modern bathroom may become a temple of healthy life style or a mini SPA saloon.


The Bathroom is turning into a real room

Now functional bathrooms are considered to be old-fashioned. If one is buying a house or an apartment, they are sure to make repairs in the bathroom. Today, the first thing we pay attention to when selecting a place to live in is the bathroom itself. It's almost next to impossible to sell an expensive flat with an ordinary bathroom. In most cases, former interiors do not satisfy the person who is more or less familiar with design trends. If the conditions allow, owners may expand a bathroom at least up to 8 square meters.


If the limited area of the flat is not a hindrance for free planning, the bathroom turns into a real room. Sometimes it may be combined with a fitness room. Such a bathroom shall occupy wide space. Besides, now a bathroom and bedroom are often combined, directly connected to a master bedroom. They are located next to each other and a separate door is placed between the rooms - different space climate reigns in the bathroom.


Spacious solutions instead of narrowness

The elements of interior do not have to pile up in a large. Everything is in grand style here. The toilet if it is not located in a separate room disappears in a special niche. And special attention is paid to a bathtub. Created designs suggest allocating a spacious area for a bathtub and place it so that you can see the greenery of the trees or a night sky when taking a bath.


Now it looks more cozy and respectable

A bathroom is showing itself from the brand new side - both cozy and respectable. Because in all modern bathrooms created by designers from the floor to the ceiling, you can see glossy magazines and sophisticated accessories scattered in a casual manner all over the room. And all the common items typical of bathroom - shampoo bottles, creams, hairdryer, cleaning agents are in the background and out of view.


Now a bathroom is a place for two. No doubt taking a bath together has become a trend. Since architects and bathroom fitting companies realized that the bathroom may not be just a functional space, they started to study the needs of their customers and arouse them.


Mosaic instead of tiles

Nowadays there is a variety of extravagant design solutions both for bathrooms and kitchens to choose from. Basin in the form of a horse drinking bowl, tub-like baths, and floor made of natural stone or wood. Walls are no longer tiled from top to bottom, now more often mosaic is applied. Warm colours, such as red-orange to yellow are very popular, they are ideal for a bathroom turned into a relaxation oasis.


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