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The Decoration of the large bathroom

How are we going to decorate a large and spacious bathroom, in attempt to make it something of a masterpiece? In modern houses, the bathroom is more and more frequently becoming something more than a place to wash - it's becoming an actual room, as much a part of the house as a bedroom or a living room. If you are one of those lucky owners of a large, spacious bathroom, you are presented with a wild variety of options in its decoration.


Large bathroom suite

The design of any living space should always start from the technical side - the installation of required pipes and wiring. Before we start the new bathroom installation works, it is necessary to plan out details such as the position of the actual bath, sink, toilet etc. Decoration and installation a large bathroom suite is much easier than doing the same to a smaller one. A modern technique in decorating bathrooms is to divide it into sections. For example, you may raise the bath on a small ledge (to let the pipes through), and then separate it from the toilet with a screen.


When you have chosen a specific plan, you will have to choose the colours. Many bathroom designers are convinced that the base colours that must be present within a bathroom are a combination of grey, white and blue. However, it is not necessary to keep to these guidelines when trying to achieve a nice effect. Try and imagine what kind of environment you would feel most comfortable when choosing colours. Remember, each colour has its own influence, with a light blue being relaxing, reds being energizing, and so on.


As you pick a colour scheme, you also set yourself a designated choice of materials. You'll have to pick your materials very, very carefully as to make sure they suite your overall bathroom design. Take into account the variety of tiles, natural stone, wood panelling, glass mosaic, and so on. Try and make them fit with your overall colour scheme.


However, each material has its disadvantages, such as, for example, low durability, short life, brittleness and high moisture intake, so always be aware of factors such as these when doing a new bathroom installation works.


Here are a few examples of modern design schemes for bathrooms:

If you like a comfortable, cosy, quiet atmosphere, with natural smells and peace, pick colours such as brown, beige, green, olive and gray - a room like that needs space, and your new bathroom becomes an ideal subject. The walls in such a bathroom are decorated with wood or a natural stone, the floor can be ceramic tiles, and a few rugs under the feet can be a nice twist. Handmade accessories go very nice with the surroundings of such a bath.


new bathroom installation

If you prefer something more extravagant, then your choice of style is called "Baroque". This style's characteristics are rich, bright colours, expensive accessories, and a lot of art details. The bathtub itself has to be pretty massive, with a distinct, eccentric shape, with bent legs. The walls can be tiled with marble, and have many large mirrors fixed onto them. Paintings and stucco decorations will give your bathroom a noble character. A large amount of aromatic candles, paintings, all types of porcelain statues and figurines can all complete your "Baroque" bathroom.


A pretty widespread modern style is the "Marina" style. In new bathroom, there must be a lot of free space, a minimum amount of furniture and a maximum amount of accessories. When creating a bathroom in this style, you may use some of the most diverse materials - tiles, mosaic, and wood (like the outside of the ship), wallpaper, paints. The main base colour is, obviously, blue, which can be used with whites and other darker shades of blue. For the decorations, you may use a variety of things such as seashells, stones, and other marine related items. A very widely used material for this style is the glass mosaic. An interesting, unusual twist to your bathroom for this style would be a mirror in the shape of a submarine window.


Remember, that all that surrounds you in the bathroom plays an important role in creating the mood. If the accessories are picked with taste and under thought, maintained with a consistent stile and colour scheme, then the new bathroom will look truly elegant and spending time in it will be an actual pleasurable experience. 


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