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Kitchen installation labyrinth

Considering house renovation works following a concept design, be ready to spend a little bit extra on the new kitchen installation. However, comfortable and stylish kitchen not only helps to create in the house really warm and cozy atmosphere but will bring hundredfold return on your investments. Let us try to understand how modern designers create a cooking zone.


Glass, metal and creativity...

London kitchen installations

It is possible to say that in today's kitchen design solutions dominates the two major trends - minimalist and elegant openness. As it is easy to guess, minimalism suggests simplicity and functionality in everything: the beauty set out by the contrast of the simple surroundings, the emphasis on the geometry of the forms, the severity of the decor, the lack of extra accessories.


The image of a concept design kitchen, usually based on a combination of colourful plain surfaces (often - black and white) and contrast of materials of the front panels and worktops. Becoming increasingly popular use of glass as a decorative material; splashbacks, front panels, shelves, cabinet doors, handles etc. However, quite often the kitchen designers do not even use the handles - they are replaced by push to open cabinet hinges.


Not less popular today is framing the new kitchen furniture with aluminium, whether it is wood or transparent surface. Aluminium in general today is gradually replacing so popular just recently the stainless steel: it not only beautiful but also very practical, because, unlike stainless steel, this metal is not leaving visible marks or fingerprints or untidy traces from accidental drops of water.


New kitchen functionality

As for the functionality, the stylish modern kitchen has an unquestionable advantage over its predecessors. For example, kitchen cabinets manufacturers today are increasingly making a special edge profile which prevents the penetration of dust inside and reduces the spread the smell of spices. Significantly expanded the range of integrated kitchen units.


Living Cuisine

In general, talking about the design of a modern kitchen, it should be noted that it includes not only the existence of modular or cabinet furniture, but also, for example, shelves racking systems. They help designers not only visually increase the space, creating the illusion of spaciousness, but at the same time solve the problem of storing large kitchen utensils. This is the basic idea of the "elegant openness" of the new generation of kitchen furniture: the designers are aimed to unclog in every possible way the kitchen space and facilitate the access. That is why today's manufacturers are able to offer you a wide variety of options: light tempered glass, usually with a rough textured surface, attached to the walls with almost invisible various quality finish metal fittings. The same designers' approach applies to the base kitchen units.


Let's be realistic, the idea of replacing your kitchen furniture with more perfect newly designed stylish glass cabinets, shelves and racks, glass splashbacks would help to make more attractive a kitchen of any size. Basically, the key to improving your kitchen look is to select a theme that suits your more than the others. Be yourself; build your own build your own piece of art.


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