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Your bathroom installation and design

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If you have decided to start solid works in your bathroom, the question of picking a modern, comfortable style that will suite the space. Normally in cases like these, when planning a new bathroom installation, you must consider everything from colours, shape styles to materials and taking into account how the pipes are to be set out.

bathroom installation

When considering the layout and design of a bathroom remember the possibility of furniture such as cabinets, small wardrobes and walls, ceiling mounted storage devices. Think about what types of mirrors you are going to hang up - the shape, the size, etc. Try to look for combinations, such as cabinet or wardrobe with a built-in mirror and so on. Remember, that the best material for bathroom furniture is MDF - it was especially made to withstand moist conditions.

What regards the actual bath, you can pick within the classical baths, or you can try going for a more uncommon corner bath. People with a considerable disposable income might want to go for the ever so popular hydro massaging bath. Or you could just scrap the bath altogether and install a shower cabinet.

It's widely accepted that today's modern styles include brutalist, classic, country, retro and ethnical. The decoration of a bathroom should always be led by a professional designer studio, not by yourself or anyone below that rank. Here, we only give new bathroom installation and design advice.

A brutalist style suggests the use of a monotone but impressive range of whites, dark greys and blacks. Try going for chrome taps and such, and use furniture with sharp outlines and with discreet materials. Keep everything as simple as possible. A classical style implies on the use of warm tones such as peach and beige, and materials such as marble. The term "classical" implies on a certain atmosphere of extravagance. Your new bathroom should use plush, exquisite furniture that contrasts with the rest of the bathroom but in a way that makes it inviting.

The best style to induce rest and relaxation is none other than country. Use woven furniture and natural materials. When making the bathroom come alive with colours, try avoiding using actual paint - attempt to use natural stone and tiles to enhance the overall feel. The distinct style of Retro uses light brown tiles and furniture from dark wood. Try using light coloured acrylics and cheap-looking materials that contribute to the look of the bathroom.

An excellent way to let your imagination go wild when designing your bathroom is by picking an ethnic style. The base materials for this are wood and natural stone. They are most commonly taken through a rigid overworking, to give them a wild look and feel. The colour of wood and stone is most commonly kept as it was, with dark and exotic tones being the preferred choice.

In conclusion, we can say that while new bathroom installation and design is the work of professionals, the client cannot in no case shrink away from the process.

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