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Bathroom installation and bathroom renovation works

London bathroom installation

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in any flat. That it is why it's interior quite often requires repairs. However, bathroom renovation works are not cheap, especially if you are going to involve skilled bathroom installation professionals. Still you may try to "refresh" its look by yourself. Today we are going to see which stages of repairs of this important element of any flat may be easily done with your own hands.


Architects always assign an area of the room for everyday use such as washing, having a shower and tidying far away from need. When it comes to designing the bathroom in any way, the bathroom's size (or lack of it) should be always taken into account. 


You should think carefully on how to ensure best functionality of all the essentials: furniture, equipment, and accessories in the tiny room. This brainstorming will ensure 70% of success of "bathroom repairs" event. Moreover, today there are more than enough scenarios of rational use of every centimeter of the bathroom area.


Sometimes you need to re position things in the bathroom, sometimes you need to change the sink for the wash stands and a change the bath with a corner shower booth, set the toilet cornerwise and put the towel on the other wall. Let alone such a radical but generally a win-win solution as removal of dividing wall between the bathroom and the WC. It will give an additional area and significantly improve design and convenience of the renovated bathroom.


The practice shows that those who do repairs in small premises should also remember that visual perception of sizes and proportions is greatly influenced by the color scheme. Light walls and mirror ceiling visually increase the area and likewise, dark colors reduce it.


I firmly believe that matt finishing materials are preferable: many sparkling flares from glossy surfaces will be distracting and heavy on your eyes, which is not suiting the bathroom's purpose.


The process of a new bathroom installation or an old bathroom renovation works itself consists of several stages, the number of which directly depends on what you finally want to see. London plumbers, bathroom installationIf your purpose is to give your bathroom a complete makeover, then you should follow a work order similar to this: removal of the old dividing walls, assembling the interconnection of the bathroom fixtures, changing the sanitary ware (sink, bath and shower booth, toilet, mixers) and perform all electric works.


The latter should be paid special attention if you intend to install water heating equipment: conduit must stand line voltage increase.


Cosmetic repairs of the bathroom, in its turn, involve the replacement of floor covering, installation of a new towel rack, wall leveling and wall tiling, erection of doors and installation of casing. And finally the most appealing moment of works: installation of a suspended ceiling with built-in lights, attaching fitments, mirrors and shelves.


Simple repair theory states that the more expensive and quality materials you use, the longer your room will stay without the need for the next repairs. When it comes to a bathroom installation or repairing works, this rule is only more than valid, seeing that it's a highly humid and used room.


I strongly recommend installing a system of self-cleaning netted micro filters during the repairs of your bathroom and the lavatory in order to increase the durability of any mixer, water supply pipes and other sanitary ware. It may seem like a long and tedious process; however it will prevent you from many home troubles.


Before tiling the walls, they should be padded with a special solution to enhance adherence characteristics of glue with the wall, thus ensuring durability of tile on its space. It is better to use not only wet-proof plasterboard but metal-framed plasterboard: wooden plasterboard is more subject to deformation, especially under "subtropical climate" of a bathroom.


This is why the doors and the frames in the lavatory shall be made of wood or veneer, not of fiber board. As for the ceiling, it is preferred to use metal strips not plastic ones, which will start to go yellow and smell bad due to the temperature falls.


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