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Bathroom installation - key moments

Repairing a bathroom is not easy. Even the slightest cracks may damage waterproofing finish which will result in dampness, scandals with your neighbours and other unpleasant events. If you set your mind on bathroom repairs, then you should use professional repair services, if possible, with nothing left out. After quality and substantial repairs, your bathroom will turn into a real masterpiece, combining functionality, stylish design and safety both for you and your neighbours. Starting bathroom repairs you should pay attention to the following main stages:


London bathroom installation

The floor

Probably, this is the most significant and complicated object in bathroom repairs. First of all you should clean the surface from the dirt and congealed solutions. The floor must be smooth and flat, and special levelling screed may be required. The next step is a waterproofing finish. We distinguish coating, heat fusing and pasting waterproofing finishes according to its application method. Waterproofing finish shall cover the floor as well as walls (10 - 20 cm).


Besides, a partial waterproofing of the entire wall is possible, with a bath or shower booth adjoined thereto. A special attention should be paid to the sanitary cabinet - the most sensitive area. Once waterproofing layer is applied, a protective screed is required and only then tiling must be done. However, a waterproofing finish may not be sufficient for flooding protection of your apartment. You need a more reliable barrier. When repairing your bathroom you'd want to try to avoid common mistakes from the builders, in particular non compliance of floor levels. The bevel of the bathroom floor should be much lower than in the other rooms. If you cannot lower the floor level, then a high 8-centimeter doorstep remains. Floor dumping connected to the sewage system is desirable. In this case the floor surface should be slightly lent towards the dumping.


The pipes distribution

The next stage of bathroom installation and in particular, a bathroom repairs is pipe distribution. Two main rules should be followed for wall chasing: curtain walls (especially concrete) must not be used; a special tool - a wall chaser should be used - in order to avoid additional cracks in the wall. Once installation is complete, welding points are padded, and the pipes should be covered with a coating material. Otherwise, you may have permanent condensate on the cold pipe and as a result, hot water pipes may be damaged because of thermal extension. This in turn may lead to broken walls. If you have moved into the apartment without thermally insulated pipes, you should eliminate this drawback during your first repair. 


Walls decoration

One of the last stages of a new bathroom installation or existing bathroom repairs is wall finishing. First of all, the surface should be prepared. It is cleared from the paint and if required, plaster also should be changed. For this reason, we recommend to buy all sanitary ware after finishing, as geometric size may change after bathroom repairs. Please strictly observe vertical position of walls and the intersection angles. If you do not get the right angles, you will have a lot of trouble during facing and installation of sanitary ware. You may probably have to perform an additional mini repair of your bathroom.


Sanitary ware should be installed in strict compliance with the setup instructions that come with the product. You may be most likely exhausted because of the repairs, and you may find another less time-consuming connection method. You should always keep ventilation in mind when preparing a plan of a new bathroom installation or bathroom repairing works. The bathroom is a highly humid room and if air is not at a constant supply, walls and ceiling shall be condensated.



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