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London builders: Comfort in a small bathroom.

Builders Town London team

builders London, bathroom remodeling

In glossy magazines bathroom looks like as a luxurious salon. Shine and glitter everywhere, every trifle has its own place on the shelf, a glance through the window allows you to marvel at wonderful nature and clouds swimming in the sky. There is ample space for a training simulator, solarium and a couch to have a rest on it. But what do we have in a standard flat? Bathroom, combined with lavatory, with the area of 3-5 sq. m, which you can hardly dare to call "a room". But if the designer assumes the slogan "it is better to have less, but better", the result can be impressive. Today we will tell you about methods, which allow to make a small bathroom into comfortable enough, beautiful and modern.

Planning and location of the sanitary equipment is preconditioned by the location of lifting pipes, as well as run pipes of hot and cold water. The most fixed is the connection of the lavatory pan to the discharge stack. This part is usually hidden in the box that is hardly pleasant to look at. If the stack has been already built, it is better not only to hide it, but also to use it with utmost rationality, for example, to hide the toilet bowl into it. If you resorted to re-planning, the range of decisions widens considerably. Rational location of the sanitary equipment easily to free some useful space. Modern sanitary equipment allows to mount the wash-bawl and lavatory pan on the one low partition from different sides, which provides the economy of space and functional zoning of the water closet. There are modern models of lavatory pans with deep washing off, which is fixed directly to the wall. Such decision helps not only to save area, but also increase the convenience of washing the lavatory pan.

The partition can also divide the bathroom and the sink, or the sink and the shower cabin, which is thus reliably insulated. The principal advantage of such partition is that it conceals the pipeline system.

Installation of pipelines of the sanitary equipment also is possible in adjacent to walls low pedestals of the bathroom. It reduces the time and cost of construction jobs, in this case it is possible to do without the brick-mason and plasterer. Built-in objects of sanitary equipment have various design. The most popular are shells with jogs up to 1 m, their upper surfaces of which can be used as shelves. The pedestal elements can be faced by tiles, wall-papers or decorated by wood.

The area can also be divided by more functional things, for example, by furniture; in the small lavatory, the toilet and wash-stand zone can be separated from each other by the narrow toilet box with the sliding section, and this box would be located on the electric heater that adds the electric heating system for floor, or on the other item, used in the bathroom. For complete comfort, the distance from the partition or wall of the box to the lavatory pan is to be not less than 10inches. The assembling unit of the sanitary equipment with the facing panel, built-in in the corner, occupies the minimum useful space.

Corner decisions open large prospects. In the corner one can perfectly locate the laundry washer and small angular storage place over it, sometimes the bath, wash-bowl, lavatory pan can be assembled there, vacating their "traditional" places.

Corner shower cabin allows to achieve comfort on the minimum area. Such variant is optimum for cramped premises: the centre of rotation of the door can be customised, it is also possible to purchase cabins with corner entry, with sliding doors and with round and pentahedral shape. As it is made from natural glass, it does not encumber the area. In very small bathrooms it is possible to restrict yourself only to douche and to give up the build-in receptor. As a result, the room will seem more spacious. Such douche can be separated from the bathroom only by a light glass partition, which protects the premise from splashes.

Let's assume that you want to have the maximum of necessary sanitary equipment and the extended set of facilities. But if you locate it in the traditional way, it will be absolutely impossible to turn around. Non-standard decisions can help in such cases. For example, the unusual configuration of the bathroom can offer very interesting decisions. The equipment will not fit, if mounted at a right angle, but upon changing the corner of mounting of this equipment, you will get free access to it.

builders London, bathroom remodeling

"Flexible" organization of useful space will help to increase roominess. For example, a turning box can be mounted in the corner of the shower cabin. The full-equipped bath can be combined with the shower cabin. It is desirable to face all part of the space with the same material, in order to achieve visual unification.

The colour in the bathroom is mainly determined by wall and floor tiles. Here there works the common rule for all types of premises: light tones and transparent materials visually extend area, dark tones diminish it. Do not use the tile of dark or extremely bright tones and the tile with a large pattern. Sparkling surfaces are not suitable too, they make things seem heavier. It is better to choose mat surfaces of tiles and furniture. Floor tiles, faced bias, visually widens the premise.

The illumination of the bathroom must be reasonable because it is not a surgical operating-room. The lamp in the mirror zone is functional.

Furniture and equipment. It is important to use the possibility for storing things, without sacrificing free space in the bathroom. Compact baths, shower facilities, mirrors, boxes, small furniture are developed especially for small bathrooms. Compact light furniture from the same collection adds lightness to the premise. Shelves on roller bearing from the chrome-plated metal with wire mesh sliding containers can prove to be practical and comfortable. The area under the desk top of the wash-stand and over it, is maximally used for mounting of shelves and boxes.

It is even possible to hide the washing machine under the desk top.

If there is no place for the furniture at all, we will maximally use the area of walls, i.e. wall niches and shelves.

Mirrors are considered to be traditional methods of visual widening of the area. In our case we cannot do without mirrors. It is most appropriate here, it is functional, aesthetical and visually widens the area. It is possible to make it versatile: it can not simply hung on the wall, but serve as the door for the closet for small things. If the bathroom it not sufficiently illuminated, the mirror with the changing angle of the slope fastened on wall can bring additional convenience.

Heating elements, heated tower rails, without which we can not imagine a bathroom, also require space. Let's think whether we can make them multifunction. For example, we can transform the heated tower rail into the system that supports the small shelf for necessary trifles and serves simultaneously as the supporting system for the folding screen (it can be an effective and practical alternative to the shower-curtain).

Small space obliges you to think over the design to the smallest details, in order to turn the bathroom into an aesthetical and functional room. Our allies are colour, light and shape. If the primary variant of planning does not correspond to your objectives, the planning can be changed within reasonable limits, in order to achieve maximum comfort.

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