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Bathroom in good shape. Part two.


Builders Town London team 


new bathroom installation

Sitting bathtubs have also all the chances to be a success. Average depth of an ordinary bathtub varies from 40 to 50 cm and in the deepest point it exceeds 60 cm.


Those who choose this model for a bathroom renovation should think whether they are ready to come out of a deep bathtub. The deepest bathtub in the world reaches 81 cm in the deepest point.    


Untiring designers of modern bathrooms have recently invented a new interesting construction of a bathtub. In new models the pedestal somewhat swags down a sitting person in one place like a hammock and under feet the depth is less than under seat.


Such a bathtub construction lets to slide into the water up to throat and come out of the bathtub stepping over from the shallow edge.  At the dimensions 190 x 190 cm and at the depth in the lowest point 79,5 cm the bathtub is rather roomy for physically big people. 


In general the bathtubs appear in the world as families. Similar configurations of bathtubs are issued under one name but if they are apparently similar they differ with their dimensions and bathroom renovationdetails of outlines: a little bit higher or lower, a little bit rounder or squarer, a little bit wider or narrower. Or, for instance, there are collections of bathroom suites for family houses where everything is done on a noble scale and for prospective for house inhabitants of different age and body-build. For a full-bodied man there are more roomy bathtubs. For babies there are bathtubs with round shaped sides as resembling a flower-cup. 


There are models for family bathing. Such a non-standard model as a rule is larger than an ordinary bathtub, it shall be installed in a niche. The bathroom suit of non-standard size would be a perfect place where children can bathe, spouses can take bath together and the water will not be splashed over. 


New bathroom suites diversity, wide range of bathroom units, perfect collection of bathroom accessories shall be obliged to modern materials and technologies applied in bathrooms manufacturing nowadays. They make it possible to create geometric configurations Pythagoras did not dream of: with cavity at the feet, rounded at the head, with the bottom outlining the body, any other "sophisticated" shapes.  


New bathroom suite should be chosen more thoroughly than any other piece of a house furniture. It is very closely related to the lifestyle of a family that is why a bathroom renovation or new bathroom installation thereof is not very easy. Bathroom suites suppliers are usually not the best advisers. Ideally, objectively estimate your physical data, think about "trying on" the bathtub onto you as you trying on when buying clothes, even underwear (as it will touch your body), and so that you should not jump with vaulting pole over high boards. And not to feel discomfort because of the difference of temperatures between the parts of body deep into the water and knees and shoulders coming out.  


Construction of the bathtub is appreciated for its body-structure shape, i.e. closeness to human body. Such constructive inventions are now becoming pearls of shapes in new bathroom suites design. Professionals will help you choose and install a bathroom suite which is the most comfortable for you. 


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