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London builders: how to choose?

Suppose you have bought a property. Great! And you are happy with everything - the location, local transport and services, the building security system, number of rooms, view from the window... Move in and live, but if not the necessity of the refurbishment works.


London builders

At that the repair is not cosmetic but absolutely global. You should install the doors, sanitary fixtures, lay the tiles in the bathroom... Of course, you can try to repair your property by yourself, but there is no guarantee that you are right skilful DIY specialist for the building works. And why take the risk with unclear results, besides some building works require certain qualifications.


At that point you may find yourself at a crossroad - to whom to entrust to refurbish you precious castle. The answer is simple: your house renovation works must be done by specially trained people - professional builders. But in practice it turns out that a builders' team selection process and decision making consumes even more time that you were thinking before. Besides, it is important to find reliable, competent and trustworthy builders. In this article we would like to discuss the first important steps allowing you to make an informed decision with regard to choosing the right builders for your project.


How to find them?

There are lots of options to choose from on the market: internet, local new papers, yellow pages, friends' recommendations etc. The options suppose to establish the builders' company credibility as the first step. To do that you would have to find out about the potential contractor as much as you can, so do not be shy to ask a lot of questions:


How long have the builders been in business?


What kind of building works they are specializing in?


Have they done a similar project before? References or recommendations should be requested.


Ask the builders to make a written quote with a detailed breakdown of the costs.

The builders must always be able to give you specific details of how they have done the calculations (labour, materials). Compare the estimates. It's common sense to be absolutely clear with the quotes, make sure to understand what is included and what is not in the quote. Some small builders companies would estimate labour costs only, this would require you to pay for the building materials as the job progresses. However, keep in mind that the companies offering materials supply should be able to obtain trade prices for you. So it is worth to have the labour and material prices separated to enable you to see the total cost of the project.


Will the builders provide you with a written agreement?

The schedule of the building works should be specified in the agreement to help you to understand the progress of your project, however there are could be number of factors that can affect the timetable (materials supply, council permits and inspections etc).


Ask the building company if they have liability insurance?


How will the builders company deal with the health and safety efficiency aspects of the building works?


What kind of warranty or guarantee do the builders offer and what does it cover?


Is the company covered with the public liability insurance?


Would they issue all required permits, certificates (building, plumbing, electrical)?


Choosing a builders company you would not offend the positional contractor by asking the questions. If the company does not seem to fit your requirements or do not know much about the technical details of the building project or does not wish to talk about them, you may be dealing with the wrong contractor. Entrust your building projects to the professionals.


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