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London builders: New bathroom installation tips.

London bathroom installation


New bathroom installation

Having decided to make a complete new bathroom installation you may forget about annoying rusty bath, boring faded interior, cracked floor and wall tiles. It means to leave out always leaking mixer taps, painful rusty stains caused by defective sanitaryware, which made you tired a lot. It means to forget about inconvenient bathroom shelves, which occupy the better part of the space but have no practical use. New life begins full of facility, comfort and appeasement! Down with nightmare, inconvenience and constant irritation!


Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a flat. Only in this room you may really feel easy and natural, create atmosphere of comfort and warmth, and above all, only there you can really stay alone with your thoughts, apprehensions, joys. Only there reunited with your subconsciousness you may lose yourself into your secret dreams and give yourself up to pacification.


Everything around should be pleasant to your eyes and bring the sense of satisfaction in order to reach the sense of maximum comfort and to enjoy hydrotherapeutic procedures. Therefore, when you have decided to make a bathroom renovation you should think over everything up to the smallest details, think over purpose and functionality of every component, select matching light, chord of the bathroom tiles colour, decorate it with various accessories designed exactly for these purposes.


So, you decide to make your bathroom arrangement seriously, what shall we start with? For a start, it is necessary to measure the total area of the room, if the area of your bathroom is not that big try to locate there all the desired elements without bulky compositions. It is necessary to size up at what height desired hanging bathroom cabinets will be located not to hindering movement later on.


Then you need to decide what exactly you want to see in your bathroom: a shower cabin, having saved part of the active area meanwhile, or set a bathtub itself, which occupies a large space, but has its own pluses. In any case regardless of your choice of one or another option you need to know the properties of the bathroom accessories for sure in order not to be disappointed in the future.


Then you need to choose a suitable bathroom sink, there are plenty of them, also, there are also mini and corner sinks, which are perfectly suitable for small rooms. If you decided not to use wall hung bathroom units, you may install nice cabinet under your washbasin, which will create a proper decorative appearance and would give you an additional spare space for bathroom accessories. Above the bathroom sink you may install mirrors. It is necessary to mention that more mirrors you have in your renovated bathroom the wider and larger looks the room. Above the mirror, or next to it is advisable to install spot lights or lamps, which will light well every corner our lovely smiles in front of it.


If your bathroom allows it is necessary to install a towel heater. There is a binary benefit of it: absence of dampness in your new bathroom will prevent fungus and towels will be constantly dry.


In order to save space and embellish the external view of the bathroom you may use wall hung bathroom units. Big plus of this sanitaryware is the complete absence of any pipes, mixers, tanks because everything is hidden inside the bathroom walls and concealed there from curious eyes until the necessary moment.


Buying a new bathtub you may choose it with a spa unit in it which will make your everyday life more joyful and comfortable. 


There is nothing but to thoroughly think over a purchase of necessary bathroom accessories to blend them correctly and harmoniously with the interior you create.


And it is also important to say about the selection of color palette for a bathroom. If a room is small, try to avoid dark shades, which will only conceal extra, far too small area. Therefore, it is better to use light and soft tones. And your bathroom will make you happy day after day.


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London builders: New bathroom installation stages.

New bathroom installation or old bathroom renovation is a multistage building process. It consists of several steps, which may be performed all sequentially from zero to the final bathroom renovation.


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